Our history is first of all that of two entrepreneurs who want to develop a healthier city. It is also the encounter between two lifestyles : that of Denmark and France. From this meeting was born a common desire : to develop a healthier mobility in France, where the car is still considered the main mean(s) of transport.

In 2015, Jane Nielsen, a Danish occupational therapist, and Nicolas Salmon, a civil engineering engineer, decided to put the bike back at its place as a main means of transport for everyday life. It was following the conclusion pf round tables users that they developed the concept of the Mobilypod: a secure bike shelter adapted to the needs of the user through several additional services in option.

INNOVATIVE solutions integrator

At Nielsen Concept, we bring together the most innovative skills on the market to develop solutions tailored to the needs and the age of time. We have designed a unique shelter, the Mobilypod, which we enrich with the solutions of our selected partners: adapted bikes, supplier of photovoltaic panels …

“At Nielsen Concept, we are a solution integrator. We look for the most innovative solutions in our ecosystem”

Our ultimate ambition : WORKING FOR A LOW-CARBON CITY

As a committed company, we turn our entire efforts towards a city that is designed to soft mobility users, and decarbonised through the reduction of carbon emissions. Discover in 3min our global project and the additional solutions we have developed throughout the City :



Our team is that of Nielsen Concept but also of all our partners

Nicolas Salmon CEO and Co-founder

20 years of experience in project management for major international construction groups



Jane Nielsen Occupational therapist and Co-founder

20 years of experience in the accompaniment of people with disabilities as an occupationel therapist. Co-founder as well of the association Cycling without age (A vélo Sans Age) in France

Céline Salmon Chief Marketing Officer

15 years of marketing and sales experience in both large groups and SMEs



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